Meet The Staff & Volunteers


Justin Wayland • Director of Ministry

Youth Directors

Justin & Ashlee Wayland

Justin and Ashlee came on staff as Youth Directors in January of 2017. They have 3 children, Jim, Gracey, and Jacob. To read more about how they came to do youth ministry Click Here

Joanie Matovich - Founder of SYC

Joanie is also a Member of the Board of Directors, and Corporation Treasurer. She and her husband Paul have three children and have owned and operated the local IGA Supermarket and Pharmacy for the past 43 years. Joanie was a consulting coordinator for Stonecroft ministries for 15 years and has led and taught interdenominational adult Bible Studies since 1980.

Board of Directors:

Don Bedard • President of the Board

Don and his wife Susan have owned and operated a land surveying business, Beartooth Land Surveying, since 1998. They moved to Absarokee in 1985 and Don was employed at Stillwater Mining Co., for 19 years.
Christine Fleury

Chris is a Member of the Board of Directors and Corporation Secretary.

She has been married to her husband Ted for 46 years. They have 3 sons, 3 beautiful daughter - in -laws and 9 awesome grandchildren. (Proud grandparents!) They retired from their business in Billings last January. They have lived in Columbus since 2001. Chris continues to be amazed at the quality of volunteers/youth directors who's goal it is to bring youth to Christ. She considers it an honor to be involved with such an organization.

Shawna Tjaaland

She is a true outdoor enthusiast, hailing from Billings, Montana. Shawna finds peace and serenity in our great outdoors. Married to Shane Tjaaland, they both share the same joys of camping, hunting, fishing, outdoor concerts and mostly anything that allows them to relish the beauty that nature provides. Shawna is an insurance agent at Mandeville Insurance Agency

Associate Board Members:

Carol Wayland -- Spiritual Advisor

Vicki Wilson -- Safety Coordinator


Becky Matovich

Becky is our dedicated 3rd thru 5th grade leader. She and her husband Mike have two children. She is a Pharmacy Tech. and her husband Mike is a Pharmacist and together
they operate the Stillwater Family Pharmacy at the Local IGA.

Bonnie Sheils

Bonnie joined the SYC team in 2017 also. She and her husband Ed and their three children moved to Columbus two years ago. Ed is a Physicians Assistant at Stillwater Community Hospital and Bonnie is a talented musician who is sharing those talents with the youth at SYC.

Additional Volunteers

Lynne Arthun, Chris Fleury

Prayer Team: Amy Drain, Lynne Arthun, Georgia Thrower, Carl & Diane Hagemeister, Audrey Parks, Lynn Connor, Don Bedard.


Stillwater Youth Center is a 501 C (3) non-profit tax exempt Montana corporation which makes contributions tax deductible. All funding is private with no government support; operating costs including the salary of our professional Youth Director are met by donations from individuals, businesses, and churches as well as annual fund raising efforts by the youth.

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